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Painting Session, Sip and Painting

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Thank you for your interest in our art classes and painting sessions! To ask your questions
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What separates Canvas Creations by You in Stone Mountain, Georgia from the rest is that we give our guests the opportunity to enjoy an alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverage of their choice. Our artists and staff have enough knowledge and experience hosting painting parties. Learn more about our painting sessions and art classes here in our blog and share your stories with us, too!

Painting Session, Sip and paint classes

Why paint and sip with Canvas Creations By You

The popularity of paint and sip has been on the rise for nearly a decade. It seems like social media is flooded with friends and loved ones showing off their masterpieces with joy and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. It is proven that painting is therapeutic. It relieves stress and relaxes the mind and body. Additionally, studies show that people are generally happier with the experience of painting, rather than buying art.

But what separates Canvas Creation By You from the rest....

Well the traditional or other similar paint and sip establishments offer step-by-step instructions on how to paint a predetermined images. While the customers paints, they have the opportunity to enjoy an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage of their choice. And when the are finished, they get to take their creations home. Some men can relate, as it’s like going fishing. Drink a little, talk a lot and bring something rewarding home. Anyways not to stray off topic. The lack of originality and the fear from amateurs known as ‘blank canvas anxiety’ is the common denominator for other studios. As adults, we tend to have a hard time coping with failure and it can be discouraging.

At Canvas Creations by you, the artist and staff has gained knowledge of such and demonstrates tactics to stand above the rest. They build your self esteem and encourages you to be creative without fear. Furthermore, each art created by an individual is unique and tells its own story based upon your emotions and visions. After all, true art is not identical. So my dear, take a sip of your wine and relax. As creating art is exciting, the true benefit of paint and sip is enjoying time with friends, family, loved ones and acquaintances. Canvas Creations By You is not limited to girls night out or date nights or a specific age group. They are very versatile to meet your needs. Canvas Creations By You adds sophistication and fun to accommodate business functions, family events, birthday parties, bridal or baby showers and even marriage proposals. People of all ages attend here, as it provides variety of classes for all. Not to forget the act of kindness and charity, Canvas Creations By You gives back to their community by offering free classes to children making this establishment a pillar in the community and family.

I invite you you to join the experience and share your stories.

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