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Meet Our Artists

Thank you for your interest in our art classes and painting sessions! To ask your questions
or book appointments, please refer to our contact details below to reach us.

Thank You for Your Support!

Canvas Creations by You in Stone Mountain, Georgia 

Owned by

Harold Anthony II

Thanks to the following artists, our clients are always satisfied:

Donte MourningStar

Donte, a young artist with many goals is motivated by his young son who he provides for. He was born in New York and moved to the South to expand his knowledge of art and learned all he could from school and later improved his skills by teaching himself.

He wasn't the greatest artist but learned quickly, as he got more exposure to art. He started painting his sophomore year in high school. After high school, he moved on to spray painting, tattoos and graphic art. 

.Donte love spray painting beautiful pieces of art for a living. He's also a mixed martial artist and an author.

Noni Collins

I am an artist that loves to focus on the combination of Surrealism & Portraits. I live in Norcross, GA with my awesome husband and I also teach Kindergarten, first & second grade art. My goal as an artist is to open the audience's mind to what is, and what could be through bright colors, and juxtaposition.

F. Ali

Creativity has always been a natural part of me. My gift's I was born with led me with artistic abilities and the more I explored the world of art the more I surprised myself with how intuitive it was to me. Middle school started my passion It opened my eyes to the potential and endless creativity there is in the world. i always had moments when I would lose myself in drawing in class or at home . it was my perfect escape i believe . I was able to make something beautiful with nothing but my hands and imagination, and to me that was a gift.

I didn't start painting until 2010, years ago when I decided to try painting myself . From that point on I slowly started painting more and more and now I've ended up to today. I have never taken a painting class or have had any training, so I have had to find and grasp my own style of painting which is something I am still working on to this day.

I am still on the path of finding out who I am and painting helps me to do so . Painting has turned away from being just a hobby to now an outlet I use to explore and express my inner self. Its therapeutic and flow's natural to me . It allows me to reveal myself in a way that will last forever, venture into who I really am and how I view the world.

Many people ask me where I get my inspiration for my artwork, and truthfully I get it from myself. I have learned to trust in the things that I love and find beauty in and I let my paint brush do the rest.

I am grateful I am able to share a little bit of myself with the rest of the world. I will continue to grow as a human being and an artist and I cant wait to share all my imagination with you . 


Ayana is one of our multi-talented painting artist. Hailing from Buffalo, NY Ayana has surly been leaving her creative mark here in Georgia. 

Ayana has been painting for 2 1/5 years. She uses painting for relaxation and self expression. 

She hopes to help others feel free and imaginative as they paint together. 

Robert "Shango" McFarlan

Shango was born in Westmoreland, Jamaica, and has been drawing since he was 10. Over the years, he worked really hard to perfect his skill. His motto: "Art is not what you see but what you make others see." Edgar Degas (great artist)

With those words in mind, Shango creates mind-blowing abstract art that will leave a viewer thinking about the hidden message within the paintings. He’s not limited to one style of art and he ventures out to seek new styles and techniques for painting and creating art.

His go-to style of art is known as posterized, pointillism and a few others. He likes to use techniques that are not well-known in the art world, that way his work stands out more than others.

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