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Harold Anthony II


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"Let Your Creative Juices Flow"

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 Donte MourningStar

About Me
I'm a young artist with many goals, and my biggest motivation is to provide for my son. I was born in New York, and then moved to South where I attempted to expand my knowledge for art. Through school I learned all that I could, and from then on I tried to teach myself. I wasn't the greatest at painting to start off, but I learned quickly once I was exposed to it. I started painting my sophmore year in High School and afterwards I sought out jobs that was greatly expansive in my field of expertise. I eventually moved on to spray paint, tattoos, and graphic art once I meet the mother of my son. She too is an artist, and together we are trying to build a life for our son to where he can see his parents thrive and be successful as artists, so he can be inspired to do whatever he likes to succeed and not be limited. My goal is actually to either have my own Painting Studio, or make a living Spray Painting beautiful pieces of art for a living.

Both to scale and murals. I am much more than an painter. 
I'm a Mixed Martial Artist, and an author. I do all that I can to make a living from what I do best in this world and I strive to make things much more suitable for both my son and his mother.

Damara Mourningstar

About Me

I'm a Georgia peach that loves all thing art related. I'm currently working on my own cartoon and comic line. I'm a baker and now a mother! 

I love kids and want them to express themselves through art like I did growing up. I grew up drawing, watching cartoons, playing video games which sparked my creativity. Being yourself is always okay and i like to spread that message to everyone!

Robert "Shango" McFarlane


Born in Westmoreland Jamaica, and has been drawing since the age of ten and over the years worked really hard to perfect his skill . His motto that he goes by is a well know phrase by a great artist by the name of Edgar Degas ( Art is not what you see but what you make others see.) with those words in mind Shango creates mind blowing abstract art that with leave the mind wondering and searching to find what amazing images are hidden within the paintings .  

Shango's is not limited to one style of art, he tends to venture out to seek new styles and techniques of painting and creating art.Shango's go to style of art is know as posterized , pointillism and a few others. He likes to use techniques that's not well know in the art world that way his work will stand out more than everyone else. 

You can find him on 

Instagram: @artbyrobertmc

Facebook: @artbyrobertmc

or email him 

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Andrew Board 


Drew was born July 30 1988, in Marietta Georgia but was raised in Cleveland, Ohio when his family relocated. He has a lifetimes worth of artistic experience. His artistic career started out with drawing and sketching. He would use his abilities to make promotional items for his high school (designed labels for water bottles and designed senior class t-shirts) however, he did not take art seriously as a career until he moved to Atlanta. He started work as a tattoo artist and is in the process of opening his own shop. He also works as a painting and sketch art instructor for a variety of clients. His artistic abilities include graphic design, painting, drawing, tattooing, and using pastels. “Art is my life, I look forward to sharing my passion with you.”

Patrick (P Smooth) Dotson


I was born in Kaiserslautern Germany on a army base but I was raised in Birmingham Alabama. I grew up drawing and re-creating pictures for my friends in school. I make banners and competed in several art competitions. Once I moved to Atlanta, I took my art more serious and started browsing in different fields of art. I meet up with other artists and they helped me realize just how far my art abilities could grow. I now do airbrush art, hand paint portraits, custom create shoes and do my all time favorite cartoons. I bring to the table tons of joy and laughter on the canvas with a lot of fun.